Captain’s Log: October 2020

The Good 10k a day steps challenge - Completed for another month. There were some tricky days. Some extremely tricky days where I was just stressed beyond belief and somehow managed to fight fatigue to stay on target. Probably the hardest month to be fair. The idea of hitting 22 active minutes a day was… Continue reading Captain’s Log: October 2020

Captain’s Log: September 2020

The Good 10k Daily Steps Challenge + **New Goal** - Still rumbling along with this nicely. I upped my game to now add a sub task to aim for 22 active minutes a day. That means having the heart rate properly elevated. This is going to take a while to get habitual but I have… Continue reading Captain’s Log: September 2020

Captain’s Log: August 2020

The good Little bit of charity - The #BoycottYourBed charity was raising money for Action for Kids. The idea was simple; go sleep someplace other than beds in your home. I could not get the kids to focus on the live stream. Because they were too excited about a massive den that was being built… Continue reading Captain’s Log: August 2020

Captain’s Log: July 2020

The Good 10k steps rolling on every single day - I have worked in a few jogs a week this month to get the heart rate elevated more regularly. It comes with the obvious benefits for doing so. My resting heart rate has gone down around 6 BPM which isn't to be sniffed at.Calorie Calculator… Continue reading Captain’s Log: July 2020

Captain’s Log: June 2020

The Good Moving about - 10k steps achieved again! Every day since Christmas eve 2019. Some days it has been exceptionally difficult. Still.. Clinging on to this one achievement belligerently. I did do a few mornings of light jogging to improve the heart rate zoning so probably better than last month. Otherwise the quality of… Continue reading Captain’s Log: June 2020

Captain’s Log: May 2020

The Good Activity - 10k steps... every day.. Going all the way back to Christmas Eve 2019. I have brought an old treadmill back into service during lockdown. I go outside for a decent walk a couple of times a week.Uncharted Games - the remastered 1-3 and 4 have all been given out for "free"… Continue reading Captain’s Log: May 2020

Captain’s Log: April 2020

The Good I managed to continue to walk 10k steps every single day in April. It is hard going given the lockdown and most days I do them entirely indoors. It is like the last feature of my exceedingly healthy start to 2020 that I am maintaining. I got a security related blog post out… Continue reading Captain’s Log: April 2020

Captain's Log: March 2020

The good I did a talk at Glasgow Defcon (@dc44141) called "Intro(ish) to SQL Injection". Following on from the actual intro in February this recapped a bit, but went into demos for Blind SQL Injection and then getting a webshell. It went well and as always there is a noticeable bounce in happiness having survived… Continue reading Captain's Log: March 2020

Captain’s Log: February 2020

In keeping with noting down the good and the bad briefly each month here is February. The good Managed the 10k steps a day challenge for another month. Some days it was hard and other days I was way way over the minimum. Energy levels returning. It was particularly challenging given the run of epic… Continue reading Captain’s Log: February 2020

Captain’s log: January 2020

After entirely writing 2019 off as not happening, I resolved to have a better 2020. Turning things around takes planning and effort. Here is the January log. The good: I walked more than 10,000 steps every day. Establishing a new baseline for my physical health after protracted periods off my feet in 2019. A resting… Continue reading Captain’s log: January 2020