I am at times; an ethical computer hacker, a jogger, a computer game player, an amateur board gamer, a guitar player, and lover of life. I enjoy the things that make most human beings happy. Live and let live is a pretty excellent philosophy. It only gets tricky if your enjoyment of life actually and realistically has an effect on the enjoyment of others. In which case, toss a coin!

I guess I should link y’all to content which isn’t on this blog.

Security Related

https://github.com/cornerpirate – Source code!

https://pentest.co.uk/labs – Work blog site!


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCc3acTFvOmL3h_lcwDmxJA – Increasingly adding tutorials to YouTube and other stuff here

So far I have been caught talking on tape twice as below.

IoT Glasgow Meetup – 2017 – Basic IoT security to a developer crowd

Hacking with Git – BSides Glasgow 2018 – New Tools and Techniques

Totally Unrelated

To save people thinking I hid this shit here is a soundcloud!

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