Captain’s Log: February 2022

February was a curious month. I was buoyed by no longer feeling significant pain in my sore foot/ankle and was enjoying doing 3-4 morning jogs back from the school run. I could feel myself getting fitter and it was awesome! So I was sprinting into the month full of optimism.

Then, as tends to happen, there was a bout of illness in the household. As is tradition it happened over a long weekend that I had engineered by taking some days off work to be with the kids on half term. We went to a swimming pool for the first time in ages and then over the next 4 days we all eventually cracked and gave way to Norovirus symptoms. It was pretty horrific. I have never vomited with such force in all my life. 10/10 can recommend, go for the experience.

It took about 10 days for me to return to action and to sustainably be able to keep food down. Not gonna lie. I absolutely smashed the Uber Eats button about 10 times in 3 days after I could finally eat.

Now as we get into March I am tentatively back to exercising. The work engagement is busy and stressful and I am looking forward to two speaking opportunities during what happens to be Scottish Cyber Week.

In February I started watching Season 8 of 24. Because… I love 24 and how absurd it became. I was not entirely sure that I have seen season 8 so I have been cracking on with that. Also rewatching Star Trek Enterprise.

As a result of losing approximately half of the month I haven’t really got any photos so this months image is essentially a magnetic play toy that entered the house. I can recommend it the kid and I have had a lark making faces.

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