Captain’s Log: January 2022

This year I do not have a table load of targets to hit. It is much simpler. Get fitter, and be happier. For me one definitely leads to the other.

Ever since a kid was born that I was responsible for it was impossible for me to find the time. My health, both mental and physical, clearly took a lot of dents since. I have periodically gotten back to exercise and always felt way way better. But… Then I had a run of bad health which kept knocking me back by immobilising me for weeks and months at a time. These were not training injuries, just things that happened.

Progress is not a straight line. I tell myself that a lot now. Before we could all walk we fell a million times. So now I just tell myself that each attempt is the direction of travel. Travel always has delays :D.

The thing holding me back in 2021 from doing the same thing was an injury around March. I really did not want to risk injuring it further because I had been immobilised a few times in the previous years. That really, really, really sucked. So I rested it and went to the GP when the pain hadn’t gone after a few months.

I have seen a physio in December 2021 who set me right. I have slowly worked stretches, bounces, and now jogging back in. By the end of January I have jogged back from dropping kids at school most days for about three weeks. I have to make that journey. I am now making it work for me. It is a much healthier choice.

The result is that I have significantly reduced the pain in my right ankle/foot. I am getting fitter and the endorphins are helping me in literally every area of my life. So here is to feeling like me again. It took a while.

Slight gear shift

A love note to lost friends. My friend Rintu Basu sadly left this mortal plain early in January after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was an absolutely top guy. Smart, caring, kind. Free with actually useful advice that was delivered in a way that you listened and could accept.

I am imagining the joy of him meeting Paul Mason (who we sadly lost over a year ago now) and having a conversation. The two of them were big big characters and into so many overlapping things that I know they would be a riot together. It seems absurd that the two didn’t know each other.

It has reminded me that we all eventually leave our friends and loved ones some day. If we can manage to trigger 1/10th of the love and respect these two have then we will truly have lived and loved well.

So I am going to get fit not because that’ll mean I live forever. But for certain my time here will be more fun. Living for you lads too so I need the extra energy.

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