Captain’s Log: May 2021

Here is how I did in the new condensed table format.

11k steps a dayI hurt my ankle in March. I am out of this game for the foreseeable.
150 active minutes per weekWeek 1 – No.
Week 2 – No.
Week 3 – No.
Week 4 – No.

I am not getting “active” minutes (on the FitBit scale) on the exercise bike to the same degree I was from jogging. But I am doing 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. I am going out for walks with the kids and gardening at the weekends. None of this is seemingly counting on the FitBit scale.
1 technical blog a monthA cheeky wee post about XSS. Nothing too fancy. But highlighting that the techniques I blogged about a while back still pay out.
Support my partner to exerciseThey stopped asking for this and I now am just taking the kids on wild adventures in and around the house for Saturday mornings. Counting down the days until I get vaccinated and feel willing to goto visitor attractions again like the Transport Museum.
Record five songsI recorded a song for the Euro2020 campaign called Singing and Swinging. I knocked out a cheap video over the bank holiday weekend so that it can be shared on YouTube. The video is under the table.
OSWEI’ll be honest I think this is a Winter time activity.
Panic AttacksI didn’t get to full blown panic attack. But I did medically need sleep one day at the end of May. Kids were just popping up at random times of the night. I also did rather a lot of things in the evenings into the wee hours too many nights on the bounce. It settled down after I finally got some sleep.

Singing and Swinging

Other bits

  • Audiobooks 1 – carrying on with Stealing Light: Shoal, Book 1 by Gary Gibson. A good bit of Sci-Fi. With the school commute removed, and me no longer grinding out 11k steps a day otherwise I have barely touched the audiobooks. I should rethink my life!
  • Television 1 – Star Trek Voyager. I have not rewatched this in ages so it was a natural thing to give another go. I like it and think the performance of the Dr in particular stands out.
  • House – We finally got new windows installed having waited something like 6+ months. We moved at a point when you couldn’t get people to quote let alone fix anything. So this has been a massive boost. A new boiler has also gone in this month. I want to tackle at least painting everything now while we tread water for years waiting on the real work that I have to save up for.
  • Open Source – I got feedback from Daniel Card that my CVE-Offline project was out in the wild helping the Cyber 19 volunteers secure healthcare during covid-19. You never know where open source projects go or how they help. So this has been great to learn.
  • Bank holiday weekend – I really needed this one to be good, and it really was. I BBQed twice. I did some gardening (well I murdered a bunch of stuff and trimmed things). I went for a walk in some trees with the kids. Did the whole “look at me I know things” stuff when Kid B walked through stinging nettles and I used a doc leaf to sort it out. Started a log fire in the garden at night and sat talking to my partner into the wee hours. It was a really relaxed long weekend and I just want more like it. I feel like we have been low on joy for a very long time and we are getting back to it.

That is the log for May.

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