Captain’s Log: April 2021

Here is how I did in the new condensed table format.

11k steps a dayI hurt my ankle in March. I am out of this game for the foreseeable.
150 active minutes per weekWeek 1 – No. But I now have an exercise bike which I am starting a new journey on.
Week 2 – No.
Week 3 – No. Kids returned to school so I was walking rather than exercise.
Week 4 – No. Back on my bike now that school routine is established again.
1 technical blog a monthI sneaked out a wee post on enumerating RDP settings using PowerShell and release rdp-enum.
Support my partner to exerciseThey stopped asking for this and I now am just taking the kids on wild adventures in and around the house for Saturday mornings. Counting down the days until I get vaccinated and feel willing to goto visitor attractions again like the Transport Museum.
Record five songsI have recorded a mountain of partial songs. I just go sit in the garden and batter something out. Nothing quite fit for release this month.
OSWEI have not prioritised it this month.
Panic AttacksA clear month really. A few dicey moments but not full blown panic.

Other bits

  • Audiobooks 1 – carrying on with Stealing Light: Shoal, Book 1 by Gary Gibson. A good bit of Sci-Fi. With the school commute removed, and me no longer grinding out 11k steps a day otherwise I have barely touched the audiobooks. I should rethink my life!
  • Television 1 – Star Trek Discovery Season 3. Bravo to the makers they have really turned it around. While I didn’t hate STD season 1 and 2 I would say I was not in love with it. We didn’t get enough about the crew and the almost singular focus on one character was not working for me. It is Star Trek. I want some aliens. I want some exploration of humanity through the prism of different cultures. Maybe I like Season 3 because I have given up on that dream to some extent? Season 3 has been a breath of fresh air and we actively WANTED to watch the next episode. It was well done.
  • Television 2 – Titans. Oh wow… A DC property that isn’t just needlessly moody. With characters I know little or nothing about going into it. This show has been keeping me going on my exercise bike adventures. Like when I had a treadmill, I get a lot of TV shows watched while I exercise. I ran every minute of Sons of Anarchy, 24, and various other programmes in the past.
  • Game 1 – maquette. A PS Plus title of the month. It is gorgeous on so many levels. The sound track is sumptuous and the mechanics of the puzzles is so damn cute that your inner 5 year old will make you laugh. You honestly will.
  • Game 2 – Final Fantasy VII (remastered). I never played this before. I will start with that. Another PS Plus title which I would otherwise have not chosen to play. The story seems like it is going places. The kids are watching as I play along because of all the whizzy lights and swords and such. It is not a true open world because of the age of the title. You are very much on rails for the duration but it is going down well with me. Update: I finished this over the early May bank holiday before I got the post out. It was worth the time but suffered from massive cut scenes at times.

That is the log for April.

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