Solving a pentester’s pesky proxy problem

I usually test web applications using Firefox because it uses it’s own proxy settings and is easy to configure with burp. Chrome is then something that is used for googling answers, shitposting on Twitter etc to ensure that such traffic is not logged by Burp. This should sound familiar to most pentesters.

This process falls down when you need to test a thick client/os binary which uses only Internet Explorer’s proxy settings. Because Chrome also uses IE’s settings you will now see all your googling popup.

IE’s Proxy settings can be configured by PAC files. I have known this for a very long time. But I have never actually took the leap to think “oh that means I can tell it to only apply a proxy for the specific backend server the Thick Client uses” before. Proof, if more be needed, that I can be a pretty dull axe at times. I couldn’t chop a cucumber.

Here is a valid proxy configuration file:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
// use proxy for specific domains
if (shExpMatch(host, "*"))
    return "PROXY localhost:8080";

// by default use no proxy
return "DIRECT";

Change the host you want to match for with your target domain. Save this as a “.js” file someplace you can type the path to and then import it into Internet Explorer’s proxy settings.

Revel in the freedom to live your best life on your terms.

Take care

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