Exit Interview

Exit Interview

I failed upwards into management a few years ago. This means that I effectively opened an office for my employer and was responsible for finding, evaluating, recruiting, onboarding and generally looking after a team in Glasgow. This has been a privilege and for the most part the last two years has been a riot.

We build a pretty tight ship of overlapping skills with enough diversity in our thoughts to make things entertaining. It is to be expected that folks who join the crew set sail themselves to explore new shores someday. That doesn’t make it any easier when you effectively think of them as friends first.

Today is the last day for one of the original deck hands who is leaving for the best of reasons. What I know is that they are properly prepared for whatever is coming both personally and professionally. They will rock it out somewhere else.

I am learning there is a difference between intellectually knowing that there will be staff turnover, and experiencing it first hand a few times. Nobody said management was ever fun.

Reckon I am a bit like a parent waving their kid off to Uni and knowing that it is actually a good thing for them.

We will miss the enthusiasm and abilities day-to-day. But forever I will be up in your life so don’t you worry about that.

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